CREATE: Chiral Materials Research Program
About the Program


The objective of our program is to fundamentally change the graduate experience. Our aim is that students will leave their degree program with a global understanding of science and scientific ethics, with professional skills in the areas of leadership, organizational behaviour and research management and with measured ability in teaching and communication.

program components

Novel Chiral Materials Research

The main course involved in the CREATE program is designed to give students an appreciation of the study of Chiral Materials. Since the study of Chiral Materials bridges the disciplines of Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and Bio Chemistry, students will receive a broad spectra of knowledge, regardless of their background.

World Renowned Guest Lecturers

Three guest lecturers visit Kingston each school year and present mini-modules on their specific area of expertise, with the common theme of their work being Chiral Materials.  An effort is made to incorporate components of Chemistry, Physics, and Chemical Engineering into each course. Through the interaction with these professors, students will receive a more well-rounded education, as they learn from scientists from various cultural backgrounds. [Upcoming Lecturers]

International Travel Opportunities

All students who are registered in the CREATE program are expected to travel to a partner institution as part of their training. This may be an academic or industry partner. Travel can take place at any time during the year, but is recommended in the third year of a Master’s program. Students will gain confidence from living and working in a foreign country, will learn how to communicate with diverse groups of people, and will develop cultural sensitivity, which is critical in order to interact with scientists, administrators and policy makers in our increasingly borderless society. Travel scholarships are available to any student who is enrolled in the program.

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Global Perspective of Science & Ethics

Students in the program are required to take the Principles of Scientific Communication course, which is a required course for all graduate students. Additionally, a Scientific Ethics course has been developed specifically for the CREATE program, with the science student in mind. In Science, we often converge on topics that are controversial. This course helps develop a sense of the responsibility that we as scientists have to conduct our work in an ethical way.

Professional Skills Development

In addition to the three Science-based courses, Entrepreneurship and Communications courses are being developed, and will be announced shortly. CREATE participants are encouraged to participate in at least one of these courses.

Unique Grad School Experience

The CREATE program offers a unique Grad School experience for those researching Novel Chiral Materials. The opportunity to study with some of the world’s very best, both in Canada and abroad, is second-to none. Add in some one-of-a-kind courses in ethics, business, and communications, and you’ve got a resume sure to impress employers world-wide.


Funding is generously provided by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). NSERC funds are supplemented by Queen’s University, and student travel may be supplemented by industry partners.

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