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Welcome to the Nunzi Research Group

Our research aims at developing tools and techniques for sustainable development: affordable and clean energy, climate action, sustainable cities and communities.

Technical interests are the optical and electronic properties of organic, nano and 2-Dimensional-materials and devices:  their photo-physics, nonlinear optics, self-organization under light, charge generation and transport, nano-materials, photo-catalysis and bio-inspired nano-photonics.

We develop hot-electron emission devices, solar cells, plastic lasers, we study neuronal optical-computing and the fabrication of passive cooling/heating metamaterials.

We also study the fabrication of chiral structures using light - matter interactions and its implications in life-sciences.

Int. Conference on Materials & Energy, June 03-05, 2020, Metz - France (postponed)

Special issue: Advanced materials for energy harvesting, storage, sensing and environmental engineering


6 Int. Conference on  Energy & City of the Future, EVF'2019, Pune, India

13 Int.l Symposium on Advanced Organic Photonics (ISAOP-13)

CREATE Chiral Materials

Overview of Organic Electronics

POMS 40th Physical Organic Minisymposium

Watch us talking about PhD-cotutelle on Youtube

Laboratoire d'Etudes et de Recherche sur le Matériau Bois