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Organometallic and Luminescent Materials Chemistry

The Wang Group is an active and international research team comprised of about a dozen students and led by Professor Suning Wang in the Department of Chemistry at Queen's University.  

The group has broad research interests throughout inorganic/organometallic chemistry, with particular emphasis on the discovery of novel organoboron and transition metal systems for applications in advanced materials. As such, the Wang Group is involved in several multidisciplinary collaborations around the globe with mutual international exchange opportunities available for both students and visiting scholars (Prof. Holger Braunschweig, Prof. Shigehiro Yamaguchi, Prof. Matthias Wagner, Prof.  Zheng-Hong Lu, etc).  

Professor Suning Wang is currently recruiting students interested in undertaking graduate studies at Queen¡¯s University. If you are a highly motivated individual keen on pursuing application driven organic/inorganic synthesis, please contact Prof. Dr. Suning Wang ( for additional information.

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News from the Wang Group

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Dr. Wang Awarded Killam Fellowship from the Canada Council for the Arts

February, 2012

Dr. Wang has been selected as one of 15 outstanding Canadian scientists to be named Killam Research Fellows for 2012. Among the most distinguished research awards in Canada, the awards provide $70,000 in funding for two years, and allow the recipient to focus full-time on research. Congratulations Dr. Wang!

Zac Hudson Wins Graduate Research Award from the Chemical Institute of Canada

January, 2012

Zac Hudson is the recipient of the 2012 Award for Graduate Work in Inorganic Chemistry from the CIC. Each year, this award recognizes the top student in Inorganic Chemistry in Canada with an award lecture at the national meeting of the Canadian Society for Chemistry. Great work Zac!

Jiasheng Lu Wins International Crystallography Prize

December, 2011

Wang group Ph.D. candidate Jiasheng Lu has won the 2011 Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship from the International Centre for Diffraction Data. 2011 marks the third year in a row that the prize has gone to a member of the Wang group. Congratulations, Jiasheng!

Wang Group Work Featured on the Cover of Dalton Transactions

August, 2011

An invited review by Zac Hudson and Dr. Wang is this month's cover article for RSC's Dalton Transactions. This review examines the properties and applications of metal-containing boron compounds, particularly as efficient phosphorescent materials.

Alex Stewart Wins Undergraduate Thesis Prize

April, 2011

Congratulations Alex, winner of the 2011 Smith Prize for the top undergraduate thesis in chemistry! Alex will be starting graduate studies at the University of Toronto next year.

Christina Wins Best Oral Presentation at IDW 

September, 2010

Christina Sun has won best oral presentation at the 43rd Regional Inorganic Discussion Weekend for her talk on the isolation of a boron-stabilized enol. Excellent job, Christina!

Hot article in Advanced Functional Materials

October, 2010

Zac's paper on enhancing the phosphorescence efficiency of Pt(II) compounds with triarylboron has been highlighted as a hot paper in Advanced Functional Materials, and was selected by the editors for the frontispiece of the journal.

Zac Wins TA Award for CHEM 312

September, 2010

Zac Hudson has won the Fisher Scientific Teaching Assistant Award for upper year chemistry tutorials. Great work Zac!

Welcome to the Wang Group!

September, 2010

Maria Varlan and Christina Sun have joined the lab in the M.Sc. program after completing their B.Sc. degrees at Queen's last year. Also, Barry Blight has joined the group as an NSERC postdoctoral fellow, and we welcome back Yingli Rao, who has returned to start her Ph.D. after a year back home. Best of luck to you all!

Wang Group Student Wins Poster Prize at CSC

August, 2010

Zac Hudson has won an Inorganic Division poster prize for his presentation on enhancing the phosphorescence of Pt(II) compounds at the Canadian Society for Chemistry Conference in Toronto.

Wang Group Research Appears on the Cover of Inorganic Chemistry

May, 2010

Dr. Sun's recent work on boron-functionalized platinum bipyridines was selected as the cover page for Inorganic Chemistry!

Wang Lab Honours Student Wins Undergraduate Thesis Prize

April, 2010

Congratulations to Christina Sun, who was awarded the Smith Prize for the best undergraduate thesis project. Christina will be starting her M.Sc. in the Wang group in September. Great work!


Hot Article in Chemistry: A European Journal 

April, 2010

Hazem Amarne's work has been highlighted as a hot article in Chemistry: A European Journal and was selected by the editors as the frontispiece of the journal. 


Dr. Wang is Chemistry Professor of the Year!

April, 2010

The undergraduate class of 2010 has voted Dr. Wang as professor of the year. Dr. Wang currently teaches CHEM 312: Transition Metal Chemistry. Congratulations!


Congratulations Sanela and Yingli!

October, 2009

Sanela Martic (Ph.D. '09) and Yingli Rao (M.Sc. '09) graduated from the Wang group. Best of luck to you both! 


Sanela Martic Awarded Postdoctoral Fellowship

June, 2009

Sanela Martic was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the University of Western Ontario, funded by the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation. She will be joining the group of Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz in September. Congratulations!


Shu-Bin Zhao wins Governor General's Gold Medal

June, 2009

Doctoral student Shu-Bin Zhao has been awarded the Governor General's Academic Gold Medal as the top graduate student at Queen's. Shu-Bin will take up an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship with Michel Gagne at the University of North Carolina. Excellent work, Shu-Bin!


Wang Lab Research Highlighted on the Cover of Chemistry: A European Journal

June, 2009

Zac's recent research on switchable singlet-triplet dual emission in triarylboron-Pt(II) compounds has been selected as the cover article for Chemistry: A European Journal!  


Zac Leaves for Six-Week Exchange to China

May, 2009

Zac Hudson heads off to Jilin University in Changchun, China, where he will investigate electron-transport materials for OLEDs in the laboratory of Dr. Yue Wang. 


Shu-Bin's Research Selected as the Cover of Dalton Transations

November, 2008

Shu-Bin Zhao's work on bis(7-azaindolyl) complexes of Pt(II) has been selected as the cover article of Dalton Transactions. Great work, Shu-Bin!


Zac wins Best Oral Presentation at IDW

November, 2008

Zac Hudson has won best oral presentation at the 41st Inorganic Discussion Weekend at Brock University for his talk entitled "Molecular Shape and Light: Switchable Singlet-Triplet Dual Emission in Three-Coordinate Organoboron Compounds"


Congratulations Wang Lab Graduates!

October 2008

Congrats to Theresa McCormick and Shu-Bin Zhao on completion of their Ph.D.s from the Wang group. Theresa will take up a position with Richard Eisenberg at the University of Rochester, and Shu-Bin with Michel Gagne at the University of North Carolina, both as NSERC PDFs. Nan Wang has also completed her M.Sc. with Prof. Guojun Liu, and will join the Wang group as a Ph.D. student this fall. Best of luck to you all!

Zac Hudson wins Governor General's Silver Medal

June, 2008

Wang Lab Honours student Zac Hudson has won several awards at graduation, including the Society of Chemical Industry Merit Award, the Chemistry Medal, the Prince of Wales Prize, and the Governor General's Silver Medal as the top undergraduate student at Queen's. Zac will join the Wang group in the Ph.D. program in September. Great Work!


Dr. Wang awarded the Queen's Prize for Excellence in Research

October, 2007

Dr. Wang has been given the 2007 Queen's Prize for Excellence in Research, the highest award given by the university to recognize exceptional research among its faculty.

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