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Principal Investigator


Prof. Dr. Suning Wang

Title: Professor and Queen's Research Chair, FRSC, FRSC (UK),


Phone: 613 533 6941 Fax: 613 533 6669

Office: Chernoff Hall, CHE 406 

Address: Department of Chemistry, Queen's University Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N6


Current Members


Xiang Wang

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow


Xiang Wang was born and grew up in Jiang Su, China. He obtained his BSc degree in Chemistry from University of Toronto. He joined in our group in Aug. 2011 as a Master student and proceeded to the PH.D. program in Aug. 2013. His research mainly involves the synthesis of blue phosphorescent organoplatinum compounds.


Hu Guofei

Position: Exchange student from BIT


Guofei was born and grew up in Hebei, China. He joined in our group in september 2019 as a visiting research student from Beijing Institute of Technology. He will be spending one year at Queen¡¯s University.


Caitlin Dao

Position: Master Student 


Caitlin moved from San Diego, California to complete her BSc at the University of Toronto, Scarborough with an undergraduate research project focused on organic synthesis and electrochemistry. She joined the Wang group as a Master's student in September 2018.

Yuxin Ge

Position: Master Student

Yuxin Ge, born and raised in Chongqing, China. She obtained her BSc degree in applied chemistry at Xian¡¯Jiaotong-Liverpool University.




Zhechang (Logan) He

Position: PhD Student

Logan was born and grew up in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. He obtained his BSc in Chemistry and Physics at University of Alberta, Edmonton. He joined in our group in Aug. 2017. He is currently  focusing on the synthesis and photo reaction of asymmetric B,N-heterocyclic compounds.



Ulrich Makanda

Position: Master Student

Ulrich was born in a beautiful warm city called Douala, West Africa.  He obtained his DEC in Pure Science at Heritage College, Gatineau, Quebec in 2011. He moved to Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario to study Neuroscience and obtained a BSc (Hons) in 2016. Then, he completed a BSc. (Hons) in Chemistry 2017. He enjoys playing and Refereeing Soccer, listening/playing music and dancing.


Billy Deng

Position: Master student

Billy was born and raised in Toronto. He obtained his H.B.Sc from the University of Toronto in 2018, and joined our group in September 2018. 

Soren Kang Yuan Dengtao

Soren Mellerup (PhD, 2013-2018). Postdoc at Universität W¡¡¡¡íž¬¬¹rzburg

Yuan Kang (PhD, 2013-2018). Postdoc at University of Manchester

Dengtao Yang
(PhD, 2013-2018), Postdoc at MIT
Faraz Hussain
(MSc, 2016-2018)
Tomoya Yufei Naoya Julia
Tomaya Nakamura
(Visiting Student fr
om the Eiichi Nakamura group) 2017-2017)

Yufei Li (PhD, 2011-2015) Scientist at Northern Chem

Naoya Suzuki (Visiting student from Yamaguchi Group, 2015) Julian Radtke (Visiting student from Wagner Group, 2014-2015)
Hiro Larissa Yingli Rao Allison
Hiro Shimogawa (Visiting student from Wakamiya Group, 2014-2014) Larrisa Smith (Msc), Mineral Process Technician at Queen's University Yingli Rao (MSc, 2007-2009; PhD, 2010-2014) Postdoc at Stanford Allison Brazeau (Postdoc), Research Scientist at Wellington Laboratories Inc.
Zac AP AP2 Datong Song
Zac Hudson (PhD, 2008-2012) Assistant Professor and Canadian research chair at UBC Theresa McCormick (PhD), Assistant Professor at Portland State University Sanela Martic  (PhD), Assistant Professor at Oakland University Datong Song (PhD), Associate Professor at University of Toronto
Nan Wang Alumni Cally LeiDong
Nan Wang  (PhD), Assistant Professor at Beijing Institute of Technology Cally Li
(Msc, 2017-2019)
Lei (Frank) Dong
(Msc, 2017-2019)
Julius Knöller
(Msc, 2017-2019)
Polina Novoseltseva
(Msc, 2019-2019)