Dr. Erwin Buncel, Professor Emeritus
  Physical Organic Chemistry

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 B.Sc., 1954, Ph.D., 1957, D.Sc., 1970, University of London, UK;

Postdoctoral Associate, 1957-58, University of North Carolina;

NRC Fellow, 1958-60, McMaster University;

Research Chemist, 1960-62, American Cyanamid Co.;

Assistant Prof. Queen's 1962, Associate 1966, Full 1970

Syntex Award in Physical Organic Chemistry, 1985, Canadian Society for Chemistry;

Fellow, Chemical Institute of Canada

Member of International Committee to evaluate research in physical organic chemistry in Swedish    Universities for Swedish Natural Sciences Research Council, and of Berkeley National Tritium Lab.

Trustee, International Isotope Society

Canadian representative on IUPAC (International Union of Pure & Applied Chemistry) Committee for CHEMRAWN - Chemical Research Applied to World Needs (1993-  )

1996 Ontario-Quebec Physical Organic Minisymposium dedicated to Buncel

Special Issue of Canadian Journal of Chemistry dedicated to  Buncel (1998).

R.U. Lemieux Award in Organic Chemistry - Canadian Society for Chemistry (1999).

Fellow, World Innovation Foundation (2001).


Chernoff Hall, Room 502 (office)
Chernoff Hall, Room 339 (lab)
Department of Chemistry
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6
Tel:  (613) 533-2653 (office)
         (613) 533 6000 x 74855 (lab)
Fax: (613) 533-6669
e-mail: buncele@chem.queensu.ca


Research conducted in our laboratory utilizes physical organic chemistry as it borders on bioorganic, bioinorganic, environmental and materials chemistry. Our studies have encompassed mechanisms, structure-activity relationships, and the synthesis and investigations of novel compounds with unusual properties. Methods used include fast and slow kinetics by spectrophotometric techniques, isotopic labeling, multi-nuclear NMR, HPLC, etc...for which excellent instrumentation is available. These studies are supplemented by computational methods, e.g. ab initio, semi-empirical. Close ties are maintained with industry (Xerox). Collaborations in research include Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering, and in countries around the world.

Current projects in our lab are multifarious in nature, and come under the following headings:


Materials Science

Environmental Chemistry

Metal Ion-Biomolecule Interactions

NitroAromatic Electrophiles

Carbanion Reaction Mechanisms

Bioorganic Chemistry 










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