1. ZnS zinc sulfide
2. FeO iron monoxide, iron(II) oxide, ferrous oxide
3. Sb2S3 diantimony trisulfide or antimony (III) sulfide
4. CaCl2 calcium chloride
5. BaO Barium oxide
6. CuBr2 copper dibromide, copper(II) bromide, cupric bromide
7. HgCl2 mercury dichloride, mercury (II) chloride, mercuric chloride
8. H2O dihydrogen oxide or water
9. PBr3 phosphorous  tribromide, phosphorous (III) bromide

In cases where there is only one name given with no prefixes or roman numerals, it means that the metal has only one oxidation state and simply naming the elements is sufficient to create a unique name.