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A fun twist on nano-electrospray emitters developed in our research group! This work has been published in Nature: Scientific Reports and Optics Express. Current developments involve a strong industrial partnership with Trajan Scientific and Medical.

Congratulations, Kyle! | April, 2017

Kyle Bachus successfully defended his Ph.D. Thesis on "Engineering patterned materials and microstructured fibres for microfluidics and analytical applications" on April 26th, 2017. Richard and Kyle attended the convocation on June 2nd, 2017

Agilent Technologies and the Oleschuk Group team up with Dr. Philip Jessop for the development of "CO2-modified solvents for chromatographic separation". This work was recently published in Green Chemistry and looks to reduce the environmental impact of chemical separation. | March, 2017

Link: Green Chemistry

Our group have recently developed a method to rapidly pattern and prototype microfluidic substrates capable of generating droplets less than 1 nL in volume. | February, 2017

We also implemented these substrates into a 3D-printed device coupled with fluorescence spectroscopy for the rapid detection of quenching species. This work has been recently published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

Welcome Matthias to the group for the double Master's degree program between the University of Stuttgart and Queen's University. Matthias Hermann is the first student participating in this program. | September, 2016

Dr. Oleschuk’s Group just published the paper about “Particle-Free” Magnetic Actuation of Droplets in Analytical Chemistry. | September, 2016

Link: Analytical Chemistry

The recent work in collaboration with Dr. Hans-Peter Loock was just published in Optical Express. See how axicon microlenses are fabricated on capillaries and microstructured fibers by wet etching. | September, 2016

Link: Optical Express

Dr. Richard Oleschuk and Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) in Australia are collaborating on the development of the next generation of electrospray emitter that will improve the detection of diseases such as cancer. | June, 2016

Link: Queen's Gazette

Link: Trajan Website

Congratulations, Lili Mats! | March, 2016

Lili Mats successfully defended her Ph.D. Thesis on the Manipulation and Detection of Analytes on Microfluidic Devices on March 31st, 2016. Richard and Lili attended the convocation on June 10th, 2016

KNFL welcomed Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne for a Lab Tour. | March, 2016

Link: Queen's Gazette

Link: KNFL Website

The "O" Group and their collaborators at COPL have published ground breaking analytical chemistry work in Scientific Reports. | February, 2016

Welcome Dr. Sabeth Verpoorte to Queen's Chemistry as a CREATE scholar. | March, 2016

Dr. Verpoorte comes from University of Groningen, Netherlands. During her stay at Queen's, she will give lectures on micro-fluidic chip and miniaturized devices.

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