Toward an attosecond view of molecules
physicstoday, March 29 2012 2012
Theory and experiment combine to examine an important ultrafast process in polyatomic molecules.

An Ottawa science lab discovers that lasers do mess with molecules
The Ottawa Citizen, March 15 2012
NRC team shows how intense light used to study molecules can alter them.

New laser shines light on live cells
The Ottawa Citizen, December 30 2009
NRC lab negotiates deal to commercialize breaking technology.

Biology drives design of new microscope
The Ottawa Citizen, December 29 2009

Laser offers a new way of seeing
The Ottawa Citizen, June 20 2007
In a Sussex Drive lab, a senior scientist and a PhD student have found a way around having to dye cell parts to see them clearly.

A machine built on a scientist's dream
The Ottawa Citizen, February 24 2007
Tom Spears takes a look at the latest custom-made scientific instrument.

Researchers create laser tool for toil at the 'quantum' level
The Ottawa Citizen October 13 2006
Breakthrough project helps scientists modify molecules.

Capturing chemical process on film
Queen's Gazette, January 9th 2006

DNA quick to defuse radiation harm
The Ottawa Citizen, July 12th 2006
It took the most precise timing equipment there is to show how a molecule converts dangerous UV energy into harmless heat, Tom Spears reports.