Aaron Barlow
  B.Sc Physics (University of Victoria, 2008)
  Ph.D Physics (University of Ottawa, in progress)

Aaron completed his Bachelor of Science at the University of Victoria in beautiful British Columbia, taking an interest in optics in various forms, including astronomy and near-field microscopy before joining the Stolow group for his Ph.D at University of Ottawa to study non-linear optics and their applications in biophysical situations.

Research Interests
  • The study of molecular biomechanics in condensed phase through the use of optically-triggered switches, transient absorption, and other non-linear techniques.
  • Generation of tunable ultra-short pulses through non-collinear optical parametric amplification
  • The dynamics of DNA, particularly the relationships between ultrafast chemical changes and large-scale conformal changes such as DNA breathing and denaturation.
  • CARS Microscopy