Paul Hockett

M.Sci Chemistry & Molecular Physics, 1st class (University of Nottingham, 1998-2002)
Ph.D Photoionization Dynamics of Polyatomic Molecules (University of Nottingham, 2004-2008)

Paul Hockett earned his PhD in 2008 from Nottingham University, UK, under the supervision of Katharine Reid. His thesis work was on the photoionization dynamics of polyatomic molecules. Paul joined the Molecular Photonics group in the National Research Council of Canada as a Research Associate in 2009. His research interests include time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy, ultra-fast dynamics, molecular alignment and strong field processes.

Research Interests

My main research interest is time, energy and angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy.  Using this highly differential technique we can disentangle electronic and nuclear dynamics of excited states, accessed by a femto-second duration pump laser pulse and projected onto the ionization continuum by a time-delayed probe laser pulse.  Because the angle-resolved signal is highly sensitive to the ionization dynamics we can also gain insight into the coupling between the excited state and the ionization continuum.  A recent tutorial review of this topic can be found in Time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy: from wavepackets to observables (Wu, Hockett & Stolow Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2011,13, 18447-18467).  My research interests also extend to molecular alignment, control processes and strong field processes, in particular high harmonic generation.