Rune Lausten
  M.Sc (University of Aarhus)

After finishing my masters in physics at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, I joined the Molecular photonics group of Dr. Albert Stolow, and did a Ph.D. at the department of physics at Queen's University in Kingston on using ultrafast nonlinear optical probing techniques to study molecular dynamics.

Research Interests
  • The study of molecular dynamics in liquid and condensed phase, using either conventional pump-probe spectroscopy, white light transient absorption or nonlinear optical techniques such as Coherent Anti Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) as a probe.
  • Alternative ways of initiating molecular dynamics. One example could be the incorporation of molecular switch (e.g. an azo benzene derivative) into larger molecules, where optical switching of the trans-cis isomerization, can lead to structural rearrangement of the larger molecule, which can then be followed using an appropriate probing technique.
  • Generation and detection of ultrashort pulses (sub 20fs) from non collinear optical parametric amplifiers (NOPA).
  • Generation of tunable UV and VUV (Vacuum UltraViolet) femtosecond pulses by Four Wave Mixing (FWM) in filaments and hollow waveguides.