Andrew Rytwinski
  B.Sc Chemical Physics (Guelph, 2011),
Ph.D Chemistry (Queens, In progress)

Having already spent his last two summers with the Molecular Photonics Group as a summer student, Andrew Rytwinski joined the group in September 2011 after earning his Bachelors in Chemical Physics from Guelph. He is currently working towards a Ph.D in Chemistry from Queen's University. Andrew’s main research interest is in excited state dynamics of polyatomic molecules, studied via femtosecond time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy pump-probe experiments with three complimentary apparatuses: the Coincidence Imaging Spectrometer, the Magnetic Bottle Spectrometer and Velocity Map Imaging Spectrometer.
Outside of work he enjoys cottaging, Canadian whiskey, playing and listening to music, moustache appreciation, and various sports, including Wiffleball (having captured the 2012 Ottawa Valley Championship), hockey, baseball, and golf.

Research Interests
  • time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy
  • non-adiabatic alignment of gas phase molecules
  • molecular frame photoelectron angular distributions
  • vacuum ultraviolet generation