Ben Sussman
  B.Sc Physics (Waterloo), M.Sc Physics (UBC), Ph.D Physics (Queen's)

Dr Sussman is a Research Officer at the National Research Council of Canada and an adjunct professor in the department of Physics at the University of Ottawa. His research program investigates building quantum technologies at the intersection of quantum control and quantum information.

Dr Sussman studied physics as an undergraduate at the University of Waterloo before obtaining an MSc at the University of British Columbia. He graduated with a PhD in Physics from Queen's University in 2007.

Dr. Sussman's research areas of interest include: quantum control, quantum communications, quantum memories, dynamic Stark control, switched wavepackets, coherent phonons, phonon lifetimes, diamond photonics, field-free molecular alignment, nonlinear interaction of ultrafast optical pulses with matter, pulse shaping, quantum encryption and random number generation, and coherent Raman processes.