Iain Wilkinson
  M.Chem (University of Leeds, 2001-2005),
Ph.D. Chemical Physics (University of Leeds, 2005-2009)

2001-2005 M.Chem degree, University of Leeds, UK
2005-2009 Ph.D, Chemical Physics, University of Leeds, UK
2009-2010 EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow, University of Leeds, UK
2010-2011 Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Queen's University, Canada
2011-Present Research Associate, National Research Council of Canada

Research Interests
My research interests focus on the dynamics occurring in electronically excited molecules where, through the coupling of electronic and nuclear degrees of freedom, numerous electronic configurations generally become accessible. It is these couplings that are predominantly responsible for transition states in chemical reactions and by studying the effects of these couplings on transient time-resolved spectra and resulting product state distributions we probe the nature of the chemical bond and reactivity.

Current Research Projects
  • The study of time-resolved relaxation dynamics in the gas-phase using time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy, velocity map imaging and photoelectron photoion coincidence methods
  • Generation of ultra short vacuum ultraviolet pulses for use as general probes of molecular dynamics
  • Testing the sensitivities of strong-laser field probe techniques to evolving electronic and nuclear structure in polyatomic molecules
  • Applications of photoelectron spectroscopy and liquid micro jets to study energy transfer, charge transfer and reaction mechanisms in the solution phase