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Interesting Crystal of Jan 2019 -- Synthetic Diamond

Given the rarity and value of diamonds, it’s not surprising that some would seek ways to replicate their beauty. In recent years, laboratory-grown or synthetic diamonds have become more common, more advanced, and harder to detect.


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The advancement of many new technologies is empowered by the availability of specific inorganic crystalline compounds. Each commercially viable crystalline material emerges from the synergistic research efforts of material discovery and crystal growth. Research at CMCG focuses on the discovery and development of inorganic crystalline materials.


Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Students interested in inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry and crystal growth are encouraged to contact Dr. Peng Wang about potential research positions in CMCG.

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

One opening for a postdoctoral associate in developing inorganic crystalline radiation detection materials. Please contact Dr. Peng Wang for more details.

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